Our Services

At Trenex we cater to all your excavation and earthworks needs. Whether you're a large organization or municipality, or an individual looking for water and sewer connections on your property. Our team brings decades of experience managing projects large and small to ensure excellence, quality and our expediency guarantee. 


Earthworks and Excavation 

We can handle any earthworks related excavation service you may need. From tunneling, drilling, infilling, land rehabilitation or restoration to stockpiling, dumping of soil or sand,  our team can handle the construction or reconstruction of any track, embankment, or drainage channel.


Water and Sewer 

Trenex works with all sewer and water needs, creating or fixing complex networks of underground pipes that deliver millions of litres of water into homes and businesses. From large scale municipal installations to small scale water and sewer connections or basement flooding drainage, our organization handles all matters of water and sewer construction. 

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Snow Removal and hauling  

Handing the hauling of snow, lay, dirt and other aggregate materials, we can remove or haul materials for large scale projects or small scale individual requests. We can work with you to determine the nature of your snow removal or hauling needs.